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    Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Tour double steam 4

    Source:admin       Added:2010/5/7 15:37:19

    The first day in Chengdu - Mianyang - Ping Wu - Jiuzhaigou

    Morning by the company car and tour guide to the location you live, then from Chengdu, the China Science and Technology, Mianyang City, the hometown of Li Bai Jiangyou, arrived Qiang Autonomous Pingwu, the Azalea Hill arrives in Jiuzhaigou, (which can be determined in accordance with the current time and weather can be take the crystal and then by the Huanglong Mountain to Chuanzhusi Mizoguchi) along the viewing scenery in northeastern Sichuan, Tibetan and Qiang style, Mao Qiang houses, Fu River valley scenery, a distance of about 460 km, takes about 10 hours, a rest stop en route to the bathroom (clean, minimum 5 cents), parking and lunch and take pictures, basically sections of asphalt and cement, road conditions better. (460 km: Road concrete and asphalt drive) Meal: B / Medium / Wan Su: Jiuzhaigou


    1, Chengdu / Jiuzhaigou day earlier departure time (05:00-06:00), please prepare in advance for breakfast and prepared for the start, by the impact of the earthquake, along the way may take a long time after updating.

      2, please bring enough clothes, sooner or later, especially cold and rain; Jiuzhaigou about 2000-3000 meters above sea level range.

    Note: The day of the project at their own expense, or into the possession of Tibetan and Qiang dance party at home activities (guided tours can be reversed according to the actual situation of the day of the two projects of the time at their own expense) Tibetan lamb meal Gaoyuanhong 180 yuan or 220 yuan Zao Dinner Dance

    The next day Tour Jiuzhaigou National Scenic Area

    Morning coach ride to Jiuzhaigou Mizoguchi, transfer sightseeing car (try to sit through the same side of the driver, because the first channel of the attractions are in the direction by the driver) to focus on the entire tour itinerary - Jiuzhaigou Scenic Reserve world-class. Jiuzhaigou is a jade sea, fold the waterfall, the color forest, clouds, peaks, and exotic and colorful Tibetan style unique composition style wonderland of natural charm. Jiuzhaigou''s landscape is mainly distributed in the tree is ditch, the date the ditch, Zechawagou three main trench, ditch a little like the three "human" shape. Jiuzhaigou scenic area there are the widest, tallest and most majestic of the three waterfalls; Pearl Waterfalls, Snow falls on Long, panda waterfalls, scenic mountains, there were more than a hundred lakes and dozens of low flying varying Nagareizumi waterfalls and other landscape. The most peculiar is the most beautiful water in Jiuzhaigou, chilly through the end of the walls; their own expense, after dinner enjoy the unique characteristics of the Tibetan and Qiang Qiang ethnic song and dance show; (lunch included) (Mizoguchi 43KM-tree is at the ditch 26.8KM- Zechawagou 34.8KM-tree is Mizoguchi: Cement Road) meals: Early / X / Wan Su: Jiuzhaigou

    1, please bring an umbrella and sunscreen, because it was unusual weather; Please bring clothes, sooner or later, especially cold and rain;

    2, the tourist vehicles are equipped with a guide; trench has a unique restaurant offers a buffet of different price points (50 per / person)

    3, the day of travel is included into the ditch Jiuzhai Pass tickets and sightseeing tickets, car for sightseeing tour is a ride, so one day completely finished enough to visit the various attractions; scenic tour with the group but also within or on its own tours, and guides the implementation of the ditch to be time or a scenic spot to meet after the taxi back to the hotel itself. In order to give visitors more time to visit the trench without lunch, they are free to ditch the cafeteria meals (50 meals / person, the cost of visitors themselves), visitors can also bring their own dry food into the ditch.

    4, sightseeing vehicles in the trench run by bus, with sightseeing tickets a bus stop in any vehicle;

    Note: The day optional tour into the Tibetan and Qiang dance party or event collector

    Day Jiuzhaigou - Songpan - Huanglong - Chuanzhusi

    After breakfast, visit to the plateau green yak meat processing plants, processing plants and the Tibetan Plateau Research Center, Crystal, after lunch, visit the Huanglong Scenic Area: Located in Songpan County, and Jiuzhaigou adjacent to pool, snow-capped mountains, valleys, forests "four no "said the world. The main peak in the year-round snow Baoding Minshan snow, the altitude of 3145-3578 meters, a length of 3.6 km of golden travertine rolling down the body, like a golden dragon from the galloping out of the vast virgin forest, which is "Dragon"; travertine body, layers of color pool (up to more than 3400) Ying Yang Red Green, round after round staircase waterfall, write Tsui Golden, roads calcium beach, flying splash of jade beads, colorful, gorgeous odd form must fantasy landscape, the "Renjianyaochi" reputation, is the world''s most spectacular wonders of travertine. Area can be seen on his way to Ganhaizi 〖"Ganhaizi" is not dry, here dense forests, meandering streams Haizi in, fragrant grass, such as the velvet carpet covered with earth, dotted with wild flowers in summer and autumn, horses and sheep flocks, When winter and spring is a deep yellow, red leaves side by side with the surrounding snow-capped mountains. Therefore, people gradually put "Ganhaizi" called into "Ganhaizi"〗 night stay at the hotel. Meal: B / Medium / Wan Su: Jiuzhaigou or Chuanzhusi

    Visit Plateau native yak meat shop: Pakistan Hong Chuanzhusi mountain yak meat shop

    Highland Crystal Craft Exhibition Center: Jiuzhaigou Tibetan Cultural Centre of elements.

    Tibetan Plateau Exhibition Center: Huanglong mountains or snow Dispensary

    Horn comb shop Xuebaoding Plateau

    If the weather is not on the same day Huanglong, then change the post back to the travel agency travel Muni tickets are returned. Return channel may stay the same day, the next day by the Jiuzhaigou County back to Chengdu.

    Day Jiuzhaigou or Chuanzhusi - Mianyang - Chengdu Meal: B / in the / X

    After breakfast (7:00 or so) drive from starting after Mizoguchi or Chuanzhusi Mianyang, Ping Wu, etc. back to Chengdu. Evening performance characteristics proposed covering three passengers Sichuan Sichuan folk culture and skills unique skills. One of the real face. Spit fire, spit fire puppet face a must for the Shu culture. Both single and multiplayer seamlessly feed conversion in one moment more than a dozen faces, can not help but lovely after you witnessed, and people spit out the raging fire from the mouth at the same time, is already a must in the absolute. Can be more wonderful is that those who spit fire but also to port relay, the potential changes to the fire dragon fire smoke a different type, it is shocking! ) Arrival time of the day under normal circumstances, around 5-6 in the afternoon, due to rush back scattered by the guide to arrange a unified group, the proposed arrangements for the guests not to air the same day. Train. Where appropriate, and

    Service standards:

    1, accommodation: Standard :2-3 and other human (with private bathroom, no air conditioning), economical type

      Deluxe: Double Standard Room Air Conditioning

    2 meals: three early June is, ten people dinner table, eight dishes and one soup

    3, tickets:

    Season: 220 with Jiuzhaigou tickets, sightseeing car 90, Huanglong ticket is 200 yuan / person (as a result of weather and other natural factors can not go to Huanglong, the change travel Muni, the difference is returned to the guests) Total: 510 yuan / person

    Low season: 80 admission tourist cars Jiuzhai Munigou 70 80 230 Total / person

    4 vehicles: air-conditioned coach, Jiuzhaigou tourist cars for public green;

    5, the tour guide: guide service throughout the permit

    6, the Insurance: Travel Accident Insurance 80,000 yuan / person


    1, a natural single room or room surcharge to be living with others. Sichuan part of the area to protect the environment to cancel a one-time items, please bring their own visitors. Cash and carry valuables or storage, if lost, is not responsible for this agency.

    2, for policy reasons, flight delays caused by force majeure or other sites can not visit, only to return the tickets and tourist fare (other costs can not be returned); if this lead to the tour time compression, this agency does not assume liability; the resulting increase in cost the guests themselves. Voluntarily give up their own itinerary or guests from the group, all fees are not refundable.

    3, I have the right without reducing the time to visit attractions and the premise of self-adjusting trip! Personal injury caused by traffic accidents and property losses tourists, according to "People''s Republic of traffic approach" to compensation;

    4, temperature: average temperature in December 2.3 ℃, 1 月 -1 ℃, 2 月 2.5 ℃. Larger temperature difference between day and night, sunny during the day, surrounded by scenic mountains, so no biting winds, warm sun shine in winter is very comfortable. Jiuzhaigou word in the fairy tale world, more than a warm sun and beautiful scenery, feel the cold north.

    5, own equipment: sweater, winter clothes (from January to March), gloves, scarves, sunscreen, sunglasses, standing carry drugs (particular to prevent colds and upper respiratory tract infection), convenience food, water and rain gear. Recommendations for some spots at higher elevations older one-time guests may bring their own portable oxygen tanks.

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