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    Siguniangshan 四日 Tour

    Source:admin       Added:2010/5/6 15:35:02

    D1, Chengdu - Ya - Danba live: Danba (including lunch, dinner)

    Early Chengdu, via high-speed into the elegant, along the beautiful view of West Sichuan Plain, the Rain City Ya, You Dadu River Bridge (Jiang Zemin''s inscription) arrived in view of canyon scenery Luding, travel Luding Bridge, along the river upstream generous (by W Dan Road) to have the most beautiful village known - Danba.

    Note: Chengdu - Danba entire 420 km, driving time, 9-10 hours. One Chengdu - Ya for high speed, the other for an asphalt surface, Luding to Danba the road, compared bumpy road, Luding Bridge tickets 10 yuan / person self: play time: 40 minutes. Long Danba to Japan many roads, traffic slow.

    D2, Danba - Shuangqiao Gou - Day jiulongzhen live: at Long Zhen (including breakfast, lunch, dinner)

    Hou Danba breakfast proceed to Siguniangshan: Sightseeing Bus Tour by Shuangqiao Gou (concept of yin and yang Valley, colored mountain, sun and moon rock Hokyo, personal fruit floors, seabuckthorn forest road, Hunter Peak, cow son, Niuxinshan and other attractions), at night, held a grand party Jiarong Guozhuang lamb.

    Note: Danba - has grown 110 km, takes about 2.5-3 hours, and now in the road. The road a bit bumpy, Shuangqiao Gou full 34 km; by tourist vehicles play, general play time: 3 hours; tourist fare: 80 yuan / person, the guests own expense; scenic spots, each spot has a tourist car up and down the station, in the station car, each car has guided tours, sightseeing, dinner can take a rich collector collector style lamb show 120 yuan / person (70 minutes).

    D3, Changping Gou - Danba live: Danba (including breakfast, lunch, dinner)

    After breakfast, Changping Gou (full 29 km) Main attractions: visit the monastery ruins, the first channel floor, two floors, Tang Bo Road, tree Beach, Tibetan villages, the two estuaries, Redstone Township, wooden mule, mushrooms stone, Luotuo Feng and other attractions, may take an optional horseback in the ditch. Danba after the ride to and can play a home at their own expense Cangzhai.

    Note: Changping Gou full 29 kilometers, tourist fare: 30 yuan / person, the guests own expense; generally play in front of 10 kilometers, play time is generally about 6 hours. Which can walk, you can also choose to ride the local horses rent (50-ride fee is 200, choose the guests) (Please pay attention to safety, we always have to hire a horse with the insurance company of horses, not a privately rented out the horses do not have insurance ); outdoor tour a long time, sunshine, strong ultraviolet radiation, please prepare sunglasses, sun umbrellas, sunscreen and other items; Please respect the scenic area management system to prohibit smoking, littering, and offenders a minimum fine of 500 yuan, 2500-3800 meters above sea level Siguniangshan area, a tour, select from the walk down the high altitude spots, do not do strenuous exercise to avoid altitude sickness.

    D4, Danba - Luding - Chengdu (including breakfast, lunch)

    Breakfast Houdan Ba, passed Wadan road to reach Luding, along the way goods yak meat shop in Mt (40 minutes), visit Gangu large pharmacy (40 minutes), Dole knife shop (40 minutes), cold crystal shop ( 40 minutes) after the second pass through the country''s highest Long Tunnel, after Yin and Yang are two different worlds, the Rain City Yaan, Chengdu City, after the rain arrived over the Erlang - Ya, and returned to Chengdu.

    Reception standards

    1, transportation: car during the trip: Air-conditioned coaches (one seat per person)

    2 Accommodation: standards: general standards of accommodation 2 people (with private bathroom, non air-conditioned room) (single men''s team event of women, the right travel arrangements Triple (extra bed) or by the guests from the room surcharge)

    3 meals: meals marked: 3 as early as 7 are (for the ten people dinner table, eight dishes and one soup, without wine; meal poor quality of education, please be prepared ahead of time visitors, Changping Gou Road within the meal)

    (Breakfast and dinner included scenic section of the hotel in the dining, lunch in the restaurant along specified. If tourists do not eat, meals will not be returned)

    4 Tickets: Tickets for attractions listed (Changping Gou and Shuangqiao Gou discount tickets)

    5, Insurance: liability insurance and travel accident travel insurance; as a result of traffic accidents caused by bodily injury and property damage guests, according to "People''s Republic of approach road traffic accident," for compensation. The right interpretation and claims by insurance companies.

    6, the tour guides: tour guide for the national certified


    1, Optional: Shuangqiao Gou 80 sightseeing car, sightseeing car long flat channel 30, a ranking Tibetan villages 80, 10, Luding Bridge, collectors lamb (120 yuan / person)

    2, listed in the shopping trip were to arrive in stores, visitors can choose according to personal preferences into the store or not. Shopping needs some time into the store, guests can not into the store itself outside the shop activities during free drivers, tour guides may not provide services to please the guests understanding.

    3, the travel sites listed in their own expense and at their own expense to participate in entertainment projects recommended by the tour guide, half of the entire group guests to participate in the team to the Super League at their own expense attractions, guests can not participate in their own activities and attractions, free during the event driver, tour guides may not be Please understand customers to provide services.

    4, Siguniangshan remote, local hotels, and dining conditions worse than the big cities, can bring their own pickles, snacks, dry food and other food, please be prepared for a lot of understanding;

    5, the trip is listed in the hotel industry based on tourists return to the hotel after the tourism experience and the actual reception of local conditions make the corresponding star rating, do not represent the official basis. In addition to special requirements of tourists outside the hanging stars, are prepared to stars (ie, quasi-star)

    6, ticket discounts: Now run the discount tickets, so all the documents, except certificates of 70 years and older, rebate offers, such as other documents (student ID, 60 years old or older, disabled retired cadres, servicemen, disabled soldiers certificate), children under 1.2 meters free of charge, subject to the adults brought into the area.

    7, the group responsible for the day of the Second Ring Inscribed by the travel agent, complete reunification of locations scattered groups group!

    The trip into the four shopping stores, party stores the name of reference: (subject to travel arrangements)

    A, souvenir shop: yak meat shop in Mt

    B, herbs shop: nectar Dispensary

    C, knife shop: Dole knife shop

    D, cold crystal shop

    E, collectors lamb (120):

    Tips (Please read the signing the contract):

    1, the team stranded force majeure factors, resulting in delay or loss, resulting in the cost of the guests themselves, this agency will assist in arranging; standard error due to special reasons, in accordance with the actual situation Tuibu; does not reduce the tourist attractions in the cases, the agency retained the power of the interim adjustment tours;

    2, the cost per adult per day contains only a bed, If there is one group in the men''s singles and women of the group can live without sex, in the local difference from the single room supplement; please manage their own property, so as to avoid loss, follow the guide to arrange the trip, to comply with local customs, guests travel outside their own expense to participate in the project should be careful of accidents resulting loss of coordination by the customers themselves and the scenic spots, travel agents are not liable for any losses; shopping remember to care;

    3, off Renzailvtu in any comments, please fill out the feedback form tourism, such as the return as a waiver of objection after the complaint of power.

    4, the line is located in the plateau, when the tourists have been aware of and committed to signing their own travel physically good fit;

    5, before the flight to the group subject to the notice, as a result of weather, causing airlines to adjust flight, delay, cancellation, liability and travel related

    6, force majeure factors, and road maintenance schedule changes caused by the team, you should not return the tickets to attractions or change the line arrangement according to actual situation. During the tour the guests are not the reasons for meals, car, housing costs are not refundable.

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